Friday, February 25, 2011

For the love of boys and nail polishes

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE nail polish. I do. A LOT!
Too bad the really nice ones at 9 dollars and up. I can spend 3 bucks MAX, since my husband does NOT understand my love for them

I can't remember the last time  I didn't wear Nail polish, maybe 9? I don't know. The point is I have to have some on all the time, its just the ONE thing i do for myself.. just to keep reminding myself that I can look semi okay, and the nail polish helps me feel "girly" and not "momish" all the time.

I love my son, he is so cute at this age, he is also a pain at this age. I guess that is life with him. He is DEFINITELY a boy, of course he is a boy but you know what i mean. He is rough, and throws himself around without thinking of the danger, by no means is he careful, and he always finds a way to get dirty, * sounds like all babies huh ?*
I guess for me its different cause i was not expecting to have a boy. I though I couldn't handle them, and that they would be to rough for me. I am not by any means a tom boy, so I hate horseplplay or roughhousing, its just not my thing.. my husband on the other hand.....
ahem. .. he loves to just grab the little one and play rough. I just look from a far.
Although lately i have found myself making dinosaur noises and crawling on the floor letting him jump on me and bang his head against my stomach * don't ask me why he likes to do that, the squishiness maybe idk*
We have fun, and I am looking foward to more mommyisadinosaurchaseme time.
I love him

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