Wednesday, February 16, 2011

9 Months!

Where is the time going, i have no clue. I'm officially stressing about his first birthday.

Dear Andrew

Your 9 months old today hunny!
You are the sweetest boy in the world. You know what contiunes to be my favorite part of the day, the mornings, when your in our bed and you wake up me up by touching my face and i open my eyes , you flash a huge smile to me. I love that so much.
You are the joy in our lives!
You are so cute, discovering and learning.
You tilt your head to the side when your trying to figure out where things "went" and you love to poke both daddy and I when we nap.
You are a fast crawler and you are constantly on your feet.
You love to be standing and cruising around from one side of the couch to another.
You still have NO TEETH, not even swollen or red, but you are cranky and have your fingers in your mouth all the time. Lets hope it comes quickly.
You are partially sleeping through the night. We did have a good 3 weeks back when  you were 6 months old that you slept from 8-8, but I don't know what happened.
You sleep from 7 -3 then mommy is too lazy to let you CIO, and i just bring you back into bed with us.
You are still nursing, and you aren't the best eater in the world.
You like fruit and vegtables. Actually today you are eating peas like a pro without me smashing them. I guess I should let you eat more foods, and trust that you can "chew" them, but i have a GREAT fear of you choking, so i try to still give you soft food
You LOVE avacados and your puffs.
You are now finally starting to "play" with rocky, although i always have to tell both of you to be "nice".
We celebrated Valentines day together this year. The 3 of us. We enjoyed macaroni grill and you got to taste some bread. Then we went to get frozen yogurt with fruit and you had some of that too!
Daddy bought you a card from you to me, and 2 books for valentines day.
You can crawl then go to a sitting postion with ease!.
I bought you a "walker" so maybe you'll get brave enough to do some steps with it :)
You love to make little noises when you try to "talk"
You understand "no" but you are SO stubborn, we will have issues ;)
No definite words like"mama or dada" but that is  cause your hearing 2 languages all day.
I am NOT worried in the least about that.
Overall your a happy boy, loving little baby, and your laugh melts my heart!

I love you so much baby boy


  1. I have those same Owl months except in girl colors:)