Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Play date!

Today andrew went on a play date, with a 5 month old. It was interesting because of course now andrew is crawling and grabbing onto anything he can, so i had to keep a close eye on him so he wouldn't "grab" the baby. I forget how little and fragile a 5 month old is.
seriously. I am FORGETTING that stage of my son.
Its weird. I feel like he's been mobile since forever.
I'm forgetting the little stationary baby that i could hold and cuddle and just feed.
Now, ha im lucky if he stays put when we nurse and im lucky if i get some snuggle time in the morning when he is not fully awake and i just sit on the couch with him and kiss him.
GAH. Why is the time flying by?!
Its okay, i love the moments we have right now. I love that he is curious and he cocks his head to the side and starts looking for things he can't "see" .

I did get a bit of baby fever. Kinda.
But I actually realized i am NOT ready for another child today.
As i held the other baby boy, my son came crawling as fast as he could to grab my legs and use them as he stood up, since he is getting gutsy he lets go, but the floor at my friends house is tile, so i was holding this 5 month old barley while trying to put my son back on the floor so his head wouldn't hit the ground.
Thats when i realized if i had 2 little babies like that i couldn't do it.
Of course technically even if i got pregnant right away, my son would be walking and stable, but i couldn't imagine having a 8 month old and a 5 month old. not possible physically i know, but scary none the least.
Also i think cause he was a boy, my baby fever wasn't as bad. I know that sounds horrible, but its when i see little girls that i want a baby girl badly.

We took passport pictures of my son today. He looked so cute. my son and his first passport.
I die inside a bit.
I told my husband in the car that one day he will look at this picture and be like "Mom why did you put this brown shirt on me" and i will say, it was so in back then.
BACK THEN guys... back then...
time will go by when katy perry,p.diddy,rihianna will be considered "oldies"
Okay im done.

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