Friday, February 18, 2011

Updates and baby wearing

Today was Andrews 9 month update. He is 20 pounds and 28 inches long. My husband was suprised becuase he thought he would be heavier and longer than that, but he is growing steadliy and at a good rate! As long as he is healthy, that is all that matters to me.
I love to wear andrew.
Yes baby wearing.
Sometimes people look at me crazy when i bring him to grocery shop and  I have this 9 month old in a moby wrap.
Granted he has gotten bigger, but this is out time to be close to each other, because I do not wear him as much anymore * mobile child* .
I can't tell you how many stares and questions i have gotten when i was wearing the moby. I loved to explain to people how much i love the moby wrap and its my favorite.

When andrew was born, everyone was like " don't hold your baby your spoiling him" i HATED to hear that. You can't spoil a newborn who needs love and attention! . I can't handle it. I loved wearing him and holding him. Everyone tells me he is so attached to me, and that is fine, also I am with him 24/7 so of course he is attached to me! I think all babies know who their mommy is and lounge to her when they see her.
So I will wear the little booger for as long as I can. He is getting bigger and bigger everyday, so my time is coming to an end :(. Which brings me to my next point of nursing my little one. I think i can do it longer than the year i planned. I love every moment i do this with him.

Okay enough about baby wearing, i suggest if you have a super fussy baby ( like i did) and you need to just use both hands, you will be amazed how they fall asleep on your chest and you can just breath for a minute. I didn't discover the moby till my son was 2 months, but when I did, we used it so many times to put him to sleep, cause i know how dreadful it feels when you sense that night is approaching and you know you will not be sleeping. awesome.

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  1. I especially loved using the moby when she was smaller... I find mine loosens a lot more now that she's 20lbs :( my friend let me borrow her sling, so I used that for the first 6months and loved it!
    Way to go with the nursing!! I'm hoping to continue past her 1st B-Day too :)