Monday, January 31, 2011

8 months almost 3 weeks late!

Dear Andrew

You have been 8 months for a bit now, but there are so many cute things you are doing i had to write about it.
 You are definitely a free spirit.
You like to do stuff on your own, but of course your attached as well to momma and daddy.
You are standing like a pro, and RARELY are you just still.
You crawl super super fast and you like to get into things you are NOT suppose to.
You and rocky chase each other around the house. Its cute, he likes to lick you, but i have to stop him cause its too much sometimes :)
You like to eat fruit and still enjoy your garden vegetables.
You like blueberries and mangos.
Avacoados and potatoes have been new to you this month along with lentils.
YOu also had baby yogurt and you kinda liked it, but since you were BEGGING, and by begging i mean screaming when daddy and I ate some i wanted you to try some.
You love to eat kiwis and bananas of course.
You are SCREAMING and making all these adorable noises!
When i say YAYYY you say YAYYYY.
We are working on spanish all the time. Sometimes mommy forgets and blurts out in english, but I am trying. We WILL KNOW SPANISH ( or else grandma will kill me)

I love you baby boy!

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