Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first of the year

I figured that I should write a blog for the first of the year!
Today has been a ROUGH day.
My parents visit was wonderful. Too wonderful.
We had a great week, going shopping, to the beach, disney world, my mom and dad spoiling both me and the baby.
I got to eat out almost everyday ( something not possible right now)
Its okay i'm fine with not going out to eat as long as I get to stay home with my baby.

I'm so so sad. They left today. Of course it was a afternoon filled with tears and sometimes my hubs thinks we are ridicilous for crying so much, but he doesn't understand how much i miss my family and the bond we have.

Okay enough about this. I've been reading, watching, and just hearing moms and their experiences. I've also been watching 16 and pregnant and WITH OUT FAIL i cry during the labor part.. why.. i have no idea..
I feel so blessed to be a SAHM. Seriously I know its not a possiblity for ALOT of moms and even though andrew and I live modestly we have what we need, and for that I'm thankful.

I love every moment with that boy. He is my life.
I was told today im totally going to be a horrid mother in law. I'm not going to be, i want to be as good as I can..

I'm just a scatter brain today.
My son still has NO teeth.
He's being irriatble at night. Waking up every 3 to 4 hours . Hes been just sleeping in our bed at night.
I'm hoping that this is just a stage of his teething.

I want a baby girl. I do. We just really can't afford to add another memeber to our family right now. Also at times I think i'd be okay with just my chubs.

I made no resolutions this year. I mean kinda in my head but nothing major. same resolution i've made since i was 14. lose weight. Meh... this year im not going to stress too much about it. I do want to lose weight but this time to be healthy, not for looks.. its for me.

Alas i will leave you with some pictures of our week and new years.

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