Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The biggest loser.. while eating pudding

Sounds gross. right?
Last night i was eating one of those crunchy oat bars ( healthy right?).. and now i have a piece stuck in my throat.. i feel it scratching.. im coughing.. AHHHHHHHHHHH I REALLY hope it goes away soon cause i can't handle it anymore.
Also why am i here watching the biggest loser and eating pudding... ugh.. i love watching this show but then i feel like i need to lose like 100 pounds in 6 weeks... AHHH...
why is losing weight so hard?
and then i had a baby.. and i've been trying to lose weight since i was like 15. geez... im going to put the "having more babies" on the back burner for sure until i get myself the way i want to be.
Clearly at this point im doing it for me.
All these biggest loser are like 20, 21.. i'm only 23.. and no i don't weight 400 pounds but im not in a healthy weight.. i know that!
And its not like we eat unhealthy here at my house.. we don't eat eggs,meat,milk,fried things... which has helped me keep my weight steady neither gain nor loss, which is GOOD but now ineed to go to the next level to LOSE.
Okay thats enough of that!
A friend of mine is pregnant again and she mentioned how fun it is to be pregnant and you can wear whatever you want and stick out your belly... oh the joys of not worrying how your tummy looks.. ect.. your pregnant enjoy it.

now to drink a gallon of water before bed hahah ( kidding.. maybe)

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