Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have a computer..for now

Somehow my husband magically fixed our old computer... i don't know how long it will last but i hope long enough until we are able to get a new one.

Oh my goodness this week feels like its been going on for everrrrr
I was able to see an old friend yesterday and she took me out to sushi. YUM. it was he first time i've had REAL sushi ( as in eating raw fish). Usually i get some sort of vegetable sushi and I'm happy with that, but the tuna was yummy.
My husband is obsessed with football. Like crazy. I didn't grow up with an american father or an american household for that matter so honestly i didn't even know what football was till i was maybe 15 or 16 ( crazy huh). Of course life has it that i marry a crazy football lover man.
Its cool. I'm happy cause my bears ( yes they are mine now) are in the playoffs! So excited and i HOPE they make it to the superbowl, it makes it fun when your cheering on for your home city.
Speaking of which i truly miss chicago, but i will enjoy my time in orlando till then.
Seriously i can't complain its 77 degrees right now and sunny.
Its weird I've gotten used to SO MUCH SUN sometimes i just want gloomy days so my son can sleep longer. When its dark and gloomy he slept for like 3 hours straight. it was amazing.
 My son is suffering with ezcema. DAMN IT.
i have it badly and i have asthma and allergies i was PRAYING to God he would NOT get any of those conditions. If he has ezcema thats fine as long as he doesn't get the other nasty things.
Have asthma SUCKS as a kid... and as an adult i just feel like a sickly woman.
I mean i shouldn't complain because it could be worse, even if he did have asthma. I just didn't want him to go through it.
I play the flute and that helped my asthma go away for YEARS.
Then it came back during my last year in college and during my pregnancy it was BAD BAD BAD. i was in the emergency room like every month. I didn't want to take steriods but i had to in order for me to breath and the baby to as well.
So next month is our 9 month check up and hopefully he will be okay.
I usually give him a bath EVERYDAY because its been our "routine" but i'm going to stop that cause i KNOW it aggravates ezcema. Ill just do the lotion massage and all that and hopefully he'll know that means bed time too.

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