Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday rainy day

Mostly its sunny about 90% of the time here in Florida,but when those rainy days come i love them.
I love waking up to hearing rain and my son still sleeping because it so soothing ( makes me want a sound machine asap).
But i also feel like im not "missing" out to much during the day. Since im home ALL the time and we have one car it makes it difficult for me to go out. I ALWAYS have to wait for the hubs to come home.. the good thing about that is that it FORCES us to spend family time together ;).
Sigh, im so tired lately.
For 3 weeks once we started sleep training at 6 months he slept through the night. now he has reverted back to his old ways. haha. im not stressing seeing as I KNOW sleep is not going to happen again until he goes to college ( if im not dying worrying that he is ok) but you know i just wish things were easier and he wasn't so stubborn.
Alas, such is live and he is a baby and babies will be babies.
SO next year we are moving to michigan. yes the cold artic.
my hubs is going to graduate school and i also went to the same university for my undergrad.
The on campus housing SUCKS BAD. I mean i haven't heard ONE good thing about it.
But it is affordable and the rent includes ALL utlities. gahh
we'll see.
we are going to be on a SUPER SUPER tight budget next year. like SUPER tight.
I have to just go with it. I know my husband will make his son proud with his masters and hopefully one day his doctorate.

Lets NOT forget about me.
I need to get my masters and start working since im going ot be making more than my husband once i start working.

for now i will be happy in my life and being able to stay home with the little boy i love so much. even if it means no going out to eat or none of that stuff

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