Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why didn't i discover this earlier?

Okay so i always though twitter was dumb... well maybe not dumb but at the same time i didn't really want my IRL friends to know whats up.. haha Facebook is enough.
Also my hubs is not a BIG user of facebook- he has one.. he checks it and maybe once a MONTH he'll status it up.
So yesterday i set up a twitter because of all the awesome mommas i've found through this blog! and i am HOOKED. I think its cause i get to see what other moms are up to and its fun to have this little nook of the world to me and other moms. I think thats the fun of being a mom is being involved in groups. Of course i'm still new to all this blog and stuff so moms have thier friends that they have been tweeting for awhile! but so far i've been welcomed nicely and i love it!

My hubs asked me what are you doing today.. and i said tweeting.. he said "what" i said YES IM ON TWITTER... and he was like.. okay gaby.... i ALWAYS say this back to him " i never say anything when you do your football fantasy ALL DAY LONG" hahaha that made him quiet. awesome.

So yes, i'm trying not to tweet every 30 min... becuase you know my life is SO exciting. but its fun to tweet little things that bug you or going on in your life without your MIL or former teachers knowing your REAL complaints ! haha..

So i love twitter now. Now i understand my sisters obbession. Of course for her its to follow justin bieber and what he is up to.... which brings me to me other point of following my favorite celebs. Yes i feel so lame. and i am a mom. great.
Also i love Kendra and keeping up with the kardashians.

Enough of my trashy tv confessions.. there is more.. but i don't want to confess anymore ;)

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