Friday, January 7, 2011

An Itch

Okay so before i found out i was pregnant and i was so excited scared out of my mind possibly crying out of mere shock, i never thought that i would ever want more children.
Let me explain.
I've loved children, like working with them and all the stuff but i always THOUGHT i would be okay without them. I honestly thought if my hubs and I never had children then i would be okay just the two of us, lets just say i never craved to have children. Which might seem so selfish of me considering some people try so hard to have children and seriously my heart aches for them.

But my son changed those feelings of children FOREVER. I mean when he came into our lives everything changed. I loved my pregnancy- i never threw up.. it was great ( other than my asthma flaring up 200% and not breathing) but once it was controlled it was awesome.

Now he is 7 months old, and i have an ITCH for a girl, a baby girl. Sigh... I just want to dress her up in tights and headbands galore.. I sound like a 15 year old on maury who say then want a child to dress them up as if they were dolls.. but thats not my case, i really do want another child.. sometimes... other times i know we can't afford another child.. other times  i think i would be content with just my chubs. Im obviously confused and with my current BC i don't worry about having a child "accidentally" for 5 years ( yay mirena?)

Sigh... till then all you women who have girls go ahead and dress them up to your liking no matter what other people say. I love my baby boy, boys have their own things to them, they are and will be mammas boys.. mine is.. i accessorize him with hats and not nearly as fun as the million and one things there is for girls.. seriously i get upset ( in a good i want a girl kinda way) when i go to childrens store becuase 75% of the store is dedicated to girls and 25% is left for the boys.. i know i know there isn't much to a boy.. tshirt.. jeans.. sweaters.. but still...
H&M had the CUTEST boy caps and i got one for my chubs for 4-6 months and now it doesn't fit :( and we went to the H&M here and there was no more :( I hope they bring them back cause it was my absolute favorite. We bought him another one from childrens place not NEARLY as cute...

anyways, now everyone knows my itch for a girl.but it must wait for a bit.. if it all..


  1. Having girls is definitely fun! But wow, do they have attitudes! hahahaha
    I have an itch too... for a lil' boy!
    My oldest daughter saw your son's picture and she was guuushing over how cute he is!!

  2. awww tell your girl thank you! haha I bet, but thats how girls are attitude and all ;)