Monday, January 3, 2011

In a funk.

Its a new year, but i feel like its still the same. I think its because I am in florida. Its always warm * most of the year* thus i feel like its still August. Its weird. I'm used to seasons and changes and when there isn't any of it - im kinda lost.
I must admit i adjust easily to new environments. Of course I HATED orlando at first... but now i like it. I love the weather, I like living in big cities, and I just like not having to wear shoes... like boots or socks. I HATE SOCKS! the sad thing is i have to wear them to sleep in the winter or else i get allergies.. without fail... its weird..
my house looks like crap. there is toys everywhere, clean laundry on my kitchen table and i just hate putting clothes away. When did a family of 3 produce 4 loads of laundry in a week?.. i don't even wanna know what a family of 5 produces a week... sweet goodness...
I miss Chicago .. a lot.
I can't wait to take my son downtown chicago this summer when i head back. I want to take all he cliche tourist pictures with him, because hey.. it is his FIRST time.
My hubby thinks i'm crazy but he needs to understand.
When will these fireworks end? seriously people new years day is OVER ... STOP WAKING UP MY SON! * stab*
ugh.. okay this is a horrible post.

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