Wednesday, January 5, 2011

goodbye 2006.. we need a 2011

We seriously need a new computer. I mean BADLY. My toshiba has been dead since the summer and so we are only using my husbands 2006 compaq with a 55 gb.. seriously ipods have more gb than this computer. I'm not even gonna complain TOO much before this computer dies on us. My parents were wonderful and gave us some money to put towards a new computer.. but i want my OWN computer.. i hate sharing... seriously since im home all day i get the computer all day... then at night my husband gets to use it. Its awful cause its at night when i actually have time!
So now im trying to find a way to convince my husband for each of us to get a computer.
my friend wants to sell me her old laptop... ahh i wish she would sell it to me cheaper. I can't ask for too much.. but again i just want MY computer ya know..

I need a round baby gate... what have you moms felt helped when your child was being mobile? a gate? you know those round ones that look like a big play pen...

anyways.. I want a new computer... so i can download my videos from my new camcorder becuase there is no way in heck that this can handle 4 gb of video... oh did i mention that the power cord is so messed up i have to bend it a certain way and barely breathe in order for it to charge...ya its that bad

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  1. when my daughter first starting crawling around and pulling up on EVERYTHING and then FALLING... I couldn't get anything done!! So I set up her pack and play- I filled it with soft toys and put her in there for 15mins (or as long as she would allow) and get some dishes done or cooking.
    We've since packed it up and put it away because she is content with toys and walking along the couches and chairs.