Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday Time

Okay so his birthday isn't until may but I am now seriously looking in to it. It seems that all the babies born in 2010 have had some sort of "owl"influence to it. It doesn't help that target was selling a whole woodlands creature theme. I know because i have a travel system and play pen along with a bouncer and swing, all dedicated to the "woodlands" creature and owls.
So thus I want an owl themed first birthday. Too bad its not SO popular in party stores so it seems like if i want to get plates and such i have to order them online. which means more money. sigh.
its okay its his first birthday, and i DON'T care when people tell me " he won't remember" hello pictures? hello just him knowing he was loved so much from the start * not that money and parties show love*
PLUS its such a blessing to reach a year old, you know how many things can happen to a baby during that first year? I think its worth celebrating.
so now im looking into everything owl and woodland related.
although i may or may not change my  theme.
its hard not to with a bajillion options out there.
Although to be honest none of them has my heart more than the owls.
Funny in real life i think owls are creepy.
And there is one now "hooting" outside my window.
creepy... maybe it knows I'm talking about its species... who knows.
Its late i need to go to bed.
Adios !!

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