Saturday, April 30, 2011

quick update

So we finally got a new computer.!
It is new but not super expensive or fancy, one day we will be able to afford to get each of us a Mac, but till then this will do just fine!
This is a quick update on my WW things.
Its been three weeks and i have lost 8 pounds.
Sigh, i kinda wanted more but at the same time I have to think realistically, and 8 pounds in 3 weeks is not bad right?
Anyways, easter weekend was bad, with food and chocolate, gah, it was not good. At least there was no gaining and just remaining the same.
Andrew has been super crazy whinning lately, i can't leave his side for one minute, and I can't even sit on the couch I have to be on the floor with him, and even then sometimes he just wants me to hold him.
Nights have been interesting lately, sometimes he will wake up at 3 and 5 other times he will just wake up at 5.
I can see the top teeth trying to break through, I thought there was a little possibilty that teething may or may not run smoothly.. no? okay then I'll keep going!
Other than those little things he has been extra funny and experimenting with sounds like crazy.
1st birthday trying to get ready party is on its way, sometimes I freak out not knowing how I will do it all considering its not at my house and 4 hours away. Although the place we are doing it at, the friend of ours has allowed 100% freedom, I always feel iffy and I feel like I can't use or touch anything that is hers, but I will try to just think positvely.
Along with this new computer a webcam was included and it has a funky blue line across it. But the hubs doesn't think it matters and does not want to go through the trouble of returning it. Alas I leave you with a picture the hubs and I just took now on the web cam, ignore the funky line across the screen


  1. 8 pounds? 3 weeks? AWESOME! Way to go!
    Can't wait to hear all about the big birthday party. I'm sure it'll go great (and when it's over, you'll just want to sleep lol).
    Super cute picture too. Love it. =)

  2. 8lbs is great gaby! don't be so hard on yourself. you're doing a great job!!!

    that photo is adorable- blue line and all :)