Wednesday, May 4, 2011

being a vegetarian

I did not grow up being a vegetarian.
In fact my family probably consumed their fair amount of meat.
There were a few factors that lead to me living a vegetarian life style, it wasn't all of the sudden but many years .
When I was 15 they found gall stones in my gall bladder, and I realized how sensative I was whenever I ate something super fatty. I just stopped eating "beef or red meat" immeditaley.
I was going to a boarding school where no meat was sereved. I love everything I ate, I didn't miss meat at all. It was only when at a BBQ or a mexican place that I wanted something with steak or like that. After I would go out to eat when i got home I would be so so sick, the taste in my mouth the smell, ugh I was mad at myself for eating it.
It wasn't till my freshman year in college when I hade my LAST piece of beef. It was at outback and there was NOTHING i wanted to eat, so i ordered a burger, knowing and hoping it wouldnt upset my stomach too much.
HOLY CRAP, I had the worst stomach ache, i felt like crap
And i vowed not to eat any more red meat again.
I haven't since that day.
Chicken, well thats another story.
ps. I just don't eat any type of sea food or pork ever so I didn't have to worry about weaning myself off those.
I loved chicken, and it did nothing to my stomach.
I didn't mind it and I was happy.
Then I met my husband and he was becoming a VEGAN.
I was just dating him and I knew I could give up meat, but cheese, milks , and eggs! too much.
Him being vegan lasted for 4 months and he just couldnt keep weight on, and he's thin already so he was looking too thin, so sad for him.. anyways.
I knew if I were to marry him we would raise our kid in a vegetarian household, and I was so happy about that.
I was, but then I thought, OHMIGOSH i love my chicken.
So I slowly weaned myself off it.
And right now i say I am about 99% vegetarian. that 1 % is maybe if there is a piece of chicken and it looks TOO good then i'll have some, but if not, then I do not miss meat at all.
There are so MANY meat subsitutes that taste SO good, I can't even tell the difference, and actually i prefer them to any meat.
Morning star makes great burgers
Veggie patch has the BEST meatballs, and  yum so good.
You can make your own veggie meats with nuts and cheese onion breadcrumbs, delish!
I have made my own gluten and its hard work but its so good.
Its like meat chunks you can put in stews, or you can slice them up and fry them.
Then there is tofu.
I wasn't a fan at first, becuase honestly I  HATED the softness inside. HATE.
I met someone who taught me to season it and put it in the oven
Then it becomes chewy like little pieces of chicken! LOVE.  Its perfect for stir frys
I'm not trying to say meat is bad AT ALL, I am just saying my experience with it, and that if you are contemplating maybe trying a veggie life style its simple and there are plenty of things and products to substitute the meat.
Like I said its taken me 8 years to finally let go of all meat. Its a been a journey but I like it.
I think it helped me not BALLOON  up in weight after having the baby.
I have never ever been satisfied with my weight, so that always been a never ending journey, hence me on WW and its been great !

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  1. We're about 90 percent vegetarian ourselves, and we love it!