Monday, April 18, 2011

The Journey Continues

This week has been a lot of birthday talk.
I finally was able to talk to a church family in miami, who are like 2nd parents to my husband anyways. They are letting us use their house to throw the baby his party, and they have a pool, which makes things easier on me with organizing "party" games.

My mom is like a crazy entertainer type person. She is so engaging and happy, everyone wants her around to be the life of the party. She has lavish partys and somehow she also manages to entertain.
I can see myself kinda like my mom, but other times I am just not an entertainer. I am just not. On top of that we are doing it in a place where people only know me as "andrew's wife"- some of them haven't even met me. So needless to say I am leaving andrew the duty of  entertaining the people, also just for clarification my husband and my son are both named andrew, but we call the baby Andres, or Dres, the spanish version of Andrew.

My shipment of party supplies came in and a pinata! yay. Its an owl themed party,
I'm  having a hard time thinking of cute little ideas for a center piece that is affordable. The amount of party supplies for a childs birthday out there is crazy, also expensive. Sometimes I wish I was crafty or creative, but even if I was the supplies to make those things are also costly.
Oh well, we did buy one of those helium balloon machines that blows up 30 balloons on sale. It was going to be cheaper than having a party store inflate 12 balloons for us.

Birthdays, celebrations, or any accomplishments are so important in my family. My mom always  celebrates us and that is something I want to pass down to my kids. My husband unforuntaley did not grow up like that, he had his birthday partys but not as celebrated as I. Thus sometimes it takes a little more convincing on my part that I want to celebrate things, and no they don't have to cost 300 dollars, but I want to make it special.

Also I've lost 2 pounds this past week, which brings me to a gran total of 7 pounds in 2 weeks. Not bad, gradual weight loss is the best.
I get to eat what I like, but in moderation. And if i want something really bad I just save some points for that thing.
I still don't feel a huge difference in my body in terms of weight loss, but my face feels thinner.
My body is built in a way that all my fat goes to my belly. Seriously none to butt of hips, which i know i know is a good thing, but sometimes i wish i had some more fat on my butt, just sayin.
Plus belly fat is the hardest to lose, and i can tell my weight has left my already not big booty.
Okay enough of that!
Have a good monday!
I'll be posting Andrews 11 month update soon!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss, Gaby!! It feels so good :) Keep it up!

  2. I love celebrating birthdays too! I know what you mean about the kids party decorations. I like to have themes, but sometimes it's hard to find just the right things without costing a fortune. I think an owl theme will be so cute. You'll have to for sure post some pics of it all. =)
    PS WOOT WOOT on the 2 lbs. That's awesome. Hopeully I'll be joining you on the weight loss wagon soon.