Friday, April 22, 2011

A "Normal" name

When I was a little girl, growing up in canada, all I wanted was a "normal" name.
You see the name Gabriela, was NOT a common name. No one could say it, everyone stumbled when they said it, or I would end up being " gabrielle".
I wanted so bad to be an Amy or Ashley anything but Gabriela.
I thought my name sounded to harsh, like G A B R I E L A. I don't know what it was
I just did not like it at all.
On top of that you know the stores where they would sell cute little personalized things, like pencils and stuff, yea? my name never there. EVER.
I was so upset as a child. All I wanted was that freaking pencil with my name on it.
When adults would ask what my name was they would say " thats so pretty" and I would think ARE YOU CRAZY!?! no its not.
I guess I just wanted to be like the kids in my school.
Luckily in Canada schools are filled with different kids from different cultures in the early 90's, so I wasn't alone with the "cultural" names.
I would tell my mom I HATE MY NAME, she would say, Gabriela is such a beautiful name.
 I would not beileve it.
I decided to just tell people my name is "gaby" whenever they asked me.
It was so much easier than to tell people my name is "gabriela" and they would say " oh gabrielle". I gave up trying to correct people.
In college when they would do the nightly check in, the front door desk worker called me "Gabrielle" the whole year. At first I would try to correct her, but she never got it, so yeah i basically let her call me gabrielle for the rest of the year.
Needless to say till this day, I just go by Gaby.
I have totally accepted my name now, I even think its cute, and its becoming more popular than before, along with my sisters name abigail, which i thought was such an "old" name, but now its so popular and there are a lot of "abby's" around.
So just call me Gaby, its so much easier to say and its Gaby with one "b" not two.


  1. I feel your pain too at least a little. I'm Jo-Anne (with the hyphen and capital 'A' ugghh). I too just really wanted that little bicycle license plate with my named on it. The closest I could get was 'Joann' or 'Joanna'. Even when I get a new bank card or something it always takes at least twice to get it right. They'll either put my name as 'Jo' or 'JA'. And boy did people like to call me Joanna. I totally know where you're coming from with that. How do people either add that "a" sound or just all around drop it. It's a distinct sound sheesh! I'm glad you like your name now though. I'm liking mine a little more now being at least a little different(even if it is just mostly an odd spelling). Great post!
    P.S. I grew up in Canada too! Cool!

  2. LOL!
    First of all, I love your name :) It's top 5 on our baby girl name list! Next, I feel your pain about never having the pencil, cup, placemat, hairbrush or toothbrush with our name!! haha

    cheers to 'unique' names right!!

    ps. LOVE the new blog look!