Monday, April 18, 2011

11 Months

Dear Dres,

You are 11 months ! How the time is flying. I remember this time last year I was getting ready to have my baby shower. You were just a dream in my head, a picture of a 3d sonogram i had of you.
Now your a moving, babbling, cute little boy.
This month has been full of new adventures for you.
You love to play with your dog rocky. You guys have a secret talk cause you seem to command rocky somehow with your hands. You think its HILARIOUS when rocky grabs your stuff toys and starts shaking them, I want to catch it on video but you take the toy away from rocky before I get a chance.
This month you took 4 STEPS by yourself. Meaning you will be walking soon and I will be in awe thinking OH MY GOODNESS where is my baby. You try to take more steps by yourself, but you realize what is happening and fall right back to your knees.
I'm not pushing it though, cause your JUST fine crawling around.
You said "dada" not "mama" which makes your dad beam with pride and constantly says " he's daddys boy thats why" and I'm left trying to coach you on the side saying " say mama". Its okay, cause seeing your dad so happy you said "dada" first makes me happy inside.
I can't wait to see your relationship with your dad flourish and grow.
You are a finicky eater. You are starting to eat more, but your not a hungry hungry hippo or anything like that.
You nurse still, and I am savoring every minute of it until one day you tell me thats enough. I love that little time we spend together just the two of us, when I get to stroke your hair and tell you I love you.
You drink out of a sippy straw cup, you like water, and you like to also throw the cup around.
You're constantly babbling away, and I am constantly trying to keep the spanish talking going at home. You understand the "come" command but in spanish which makes me happy! Slowly but surely we will get you to speak spanish first! yay.
Overall you are a happy wonderful boy and I love you so much!