Sunday, April 10, 2011

Picky Eater

As I checked my emails on my phone while nursing I recieved the " your baby at 11 months" email.
It was meant for me.
It talked about children who are picky eaters.
Andrew is NOT a "good" eater
He is so picky and eats maybe MAYBE 6oz of food a day.
He does eat more table food, and that is what he wants.
He doesn't want anyone to feed him, but the problem with table food is that I'm scared of choking.
I've gotten much more comfortable but with only 2 teeth he sometimes starts gagging and I freak out.
So its between feeding him tiny pieces of wheat bread, dipped in his baby food, with other small amount of food.
He still nurses quite a bit, and he's happy and he is around 20 pounds.
I thought he'd be bigger by now, but he's not.
I'm not giving up on letting him try new foods, but at the same time I WISH he was a better eater, a piggy even, I often compare him to others, which I know is stupid, but he had a play date with 2 twin girls and they ate 12 oz in one sitting. ONE SITTING.
anyways I hope the boob is enough for him for now.
I'm scared some self weaning is happening, but at the same time he def uses me fore comfort, basically for nap time, he can't fall asleep without me nursing him.
Anyways, still "planning" for his birthday, so many things to do and still I have nothing.
1 month away almost from his 1st birthday, my how time flies


  1. Yay I found your blog!! I've never seen a picture of your family... you are so blessed with a beautiful family!!

    Enjoy the birthday planning process. I loved it, but then it was just over and I'm now I'm just kind of lost with nothing to do!!

  2. I have to tell brothers and I were exclusively breast-feed (no solids at all, no baby foods, etc.) until at least 10 months old. And then, we were pretty much just breast-fed until a year (we ate a few baby foods and solids but not much...we basically were still on breast milk.)

    My mother had a variety of reasons, but regardless of why it works, it did. We were perfectly fine. And other friends of mine who did the same have had perfectly healthy kids, too.

    He'll request more solids when he's ready. From what I've read, the boob will definitely be enough if that's what he's preferring.