Thursday, April 14, 2011

How is it knows everything

How is it that moms' know everything.
No seriously they do.
My mom happens to always call me to mention something, or ask me if everything is okay JUST when I need it.
It's no surprise that this year has been hard being 1000+ miles away from my family. Its been really hard.
But just hearing my mom, and seeing my son smile when he hears her voice through the phone makes my heart glad.

Somehow my mom always knew when something was wrong with me. I see it now. I feel that extra mom instinct. Being a mom now I "sense" things my hubs doesn't that mom instinct is so true.

My mom guessed I was pregnant before I did. She knew before I did.
Let me explain

My husband is in ministry so right now I am lucky to be a SAHM and follow him where God is leading us. Hence were we were.
I was not working, home alone, no job prospects, and it was technically a good time to have a child, other than the lack of money but it was a good time.
My mom called me on a thursday, and we talked about life, and she mentioned how this would be a good time to start a family since I was able to stay home.
I told her MOM YOUR CRAZY, we are NOT ready for a child.
She was like "okay just think about it"
I started thinking.
Thinking about recent "strange" things going on in my body.
My recent craving for slushies... and then I took a pregnancy test that night and yes indeed it was positive.
My mom knew.
The next day we went to the doctor and he confirmed.
I called my mom and she was over joyed.
I love her, she is so strong and amazing I can't wait to spend a whole month and a half in chicago with my family this summer!

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  1. My mom knew I was pregnant before I told her, too! Intuition! I can't wait to get that!