Monday, April 4, 2011

I just had to.

As of last night I have officially started Weight Watchers online.
I have been kinda hesistant to start this program cause I am HORRIBLE at keeping
track of things online, but when i plugged in my points of what i ate yesterday, it was so easy.
Seriously I really needed this accountability factor in my life.
The thing what i thought was me making 'good' choices turns out to be a lot of extra point I could be investing else where.
Seriously its like a game almost, where you wanna keep your point and make them worth it.
Needless to say I immediately looked up "sonic slushies" haha since i love them and have them maybe once a week, and they are only 5 points. So yay, I will always keep that in mind now.
I'm so excited about this, and hopefully things work out well for me.

It will take a lot of energy, but support is key!
I just spent all morning plugging in typical foods I eat.
We eat  a lot of meat subsistutes like morning star meatless patties, and meatballs, ect.
I never realized how much protein they had till i just plugged them in.
Luckily they are all about 3 to 4 points a serving, which is great.
What I am worried about is my cheese and pasta intakes.
We shall see how i calculate that.
anyways so far easy peasy, I feel like I have PLENTY of points to work with right now, and I know that will also change once I start losing weight and stop nursing. Which will be soon, but at the same time now I don't want to stop nursing. hahah.

We had a nice relaxing weekend here. Hubs worked all night saturday which is never fun, and i totally binged on chips and dip, which then in return i felt sick. bleh.
Anyways here goes nothing!


  1. yay! so excited for you! it feels like there are so many people out there doing weight watchers these days which really helps, too! i keep thinking i should do a post on some of the tricks i've picked up along the way! make sure you take your measurements, because the scale doesn't always change but the measurements will. i've lost 17 total inches so far in just 12 weeks!

  2. That's awesome! I know many people who are doing weight watchers and I've been tempted to check it out too!

    Is it free to do it online?