Monday, April 25, 2011

here comes another racial post

Okay, So here I go again about race, but I'm sorry I have a lot to think about these days.
To be honest I never thought of my child having to worry about being biracial, I thought the world was totally over that, yes maybe I made myself believe that so I could feel okay about raising a half black half latino child in a world where both those races are looked down upon.
Who cares if both my husband and I have college degrees, and he's on to get his masters? No one cares, all they intially see is a black man and a latina girl.
It bothers me it does.
I can't shake it off, I hate having to prove myself to others. I hate it.
I subscribe to EBONY magazine, cause I can, and cause it was free.
My husband laughed at me first saying "why did you order that" and I said, "becuase".
In this months issue there is a whole 5 page spread on biracial issues.
A mean I was just mad reading it.
I couldn't take it.
All I want is my son to be accepted in this world as a BIRACIAL child.
I don't want him to have to "choose" which race he wants to be.
I don't want him to say " im black" because saying " im biracial" is confusing.
According to the article(s) its all about what you look like. If you look more "black" then you gravitate to that community and you feel more accepted, if you look more white then you can maybe fit better in the while world, or I guess in my cause more latino/a.
My son has that look that puts him in the "what are you" category.
I've gotten so far italian,asian,indian, i can't even begin to explain my frustration when my husband is right next to me and they say those things.
So he doesn't have a specific "look" per say.
I say he is a human being.
With the same damn blood and organs as a white, black,asian, latino, whatever.
But society has to put those labels on race.
And I totally understand. From a cultural point of view, its great to say I am from "Ecuador" I have all these wonderful traditions and customs that I know only people from Ecuador will understand.
I understand there has to be categories for people to fit in.
I'm just tired to think that still only 93% of people are accepting of interracial couples. No one told you that you can't love the person your with.
Can you imagine someone looking at your family on a daily basis just becuase you look different and to think that 7% of the world still thinks what your doing is wrong.
Okay I'm going to finish cause my blood is boiling.
I'm not even going to go on peoples reactions about me dating a black man.
He is a man, i don't see him as "black" i see him as a man, and I love him and my son


  1. I totally understand where you come from. For the most part here in Toronto interracial relationships are accepted however there is always that handful of people that don't. I'm Italian and my husband was born in Honduras. He still gets comments on skin color and I already get comments like..."your baby will be dark like him" As if it's a bad thing!!!! It makes me rageful!!! So I feel the rage you feel. I'm Italian and many think I never experienced that on my own, but I have too, discrimination and stereo types, I have gotten a lot of nasty comments. We just want our kids to be accepted and loved no matter what... and really in 2011 why are we dealing with this! You are both amazing parents and that's what matters to your little guy. :)

  2. I'm glad that you view race the way that you do, however, as long as you live, there will be race issues. Its not ever going to go away. It will continue to not matter as much but it will always be there. Once your son gets school age, he'll decide how he defines himself and whatever he chooses you as his parent should support. If he wants to say he's black or biracial that should be alright as long and you teach him his culture and where both of his parents care from he'll be fine.
    I am an african american woman. I could care less about interacial dating or marriage. Love who you love.