Monday, August 15, 2011

A post about God

Sometime I feel I don't deserve everything God does for me and my family.
I feel like some days I can go DAYS without opening my bible.
And I hate when a horrible situation arises I call out to God immediately yet I haven't connected with him in days.
It makes me frustrated at myself for not keeping that relationship with God active 24/7.
Yet He is always there. some way or another when those horrible situtaions arise He is right there.
He loves us in a way I can understand more as I became a mother.
I never knew love like the kind of love mother has for her child.
The kind of love that no matter what path they take, or how many days go by without a phone call that parent loves you so much no matter what.
I feel so undeserving of Gods constant protection on my family and my family family.
I want to remember him not only when the times are bad, or when a horrible situation comes up.
I want to be connected to him all day long. I want to be close to him like I am close to my best friend and my husband.
But I know he is there-always there with his arms open waiting to take me in his arms and comfort me.
My junior year in high school my art teacher took us to the house/studio of Nathan Greene.He is an amazing artist who paints these great paintings of Jesus in different situations. I love all of his paintings, they give me peace.

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