Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Part 3

This is a continuation of our love story...

So we spoke that whole summer, there was some ups and downs, and mostly on my side because I was uncertain about things.
Finally the summer came to an end and I was SOOOO excited to be going back to school because I really really wanted to see Andrew.

I got there and he was busy when I arrived, I'm not going to lie I was pretty bummed he wasn't going to greet me right away, but we were nothing official so I didn't expect anything either.

That night we met up in a little gazebo that had a swing inside. We sat there and we talked. I realized how much I did like him.

We spent the rest of the month flirting and secretly holding hands until one day Andrew asked me whats going on and I constantly said " I don't know". He was not happy and just ignored me that day. Then I realized how not happy I was when he was not in my life everyday.
I told him I liked him through messenger while he was at work. He told me we would talk later.
He picked me up in the car and  we talked about us, and we both said we wanted a future.
So on September 10, 2006 we started dating.

We had a great courtship, 2 years of long distance while I went to a different university to finish up my major and then we were engaged July 15, 2008.

Married June 7, 2009 and we have been enjoying each moment good and bad.
and of course our little bundle of joy.

here is the first picture someone took of us.

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  1. Such a nice story! You guys are just the cutest couple. =)