Friday, September 2, 2011

a late 15 month post. Also kinda back

Dear Andrew
You are 15 months  and a few weeks and you are just a whole different child. You are no longer my little baby, although sometime you definitely need mommy or daddy to love on you, but you are now becoming a little boy.
Your curiosity is beyond you and us for that matter. You want to get into everything that you are not suppose to, and of course with that comes lots of “no’s” and laughter from the things you do.
You are a silly boy. You make this funny angry fake face only to get people to laugh at you.
Pretty sure you are your fathers child. You love to give “Besos” of course only when you’re in the mood for them, but I take as much as I can from you. Sometimes you come and hug me out of nowhere, and I love those moments. I love the moments I can take and cuddle with you even though they only last a few seconds.
You are still sleeping well, usually from 7-7, although sometimes I wish you would wake up at 9… just seeing “9” makes my brain think I “slept” in for once. 
You point to your head, you babble like crazy, although no real words come out. You talk with your hands, point to things, and sign for few things, mostly when your hungry, which seems to be a lot lately.
You aren’t a very pudgy baby, in fact your lean for a 15 month old. You fit most 12 month things still, although some are snug and 18 month shirts are perfect but shorts or pants still a little long.
You love the outdoors. You like being outside and exploring, grabbing sand and sticks. I am letting you go outside as much as you want because we just moved to Michigan so daddy can get his masters and the winters are cold and not enough sun, so get as much sun as you can little baby.
Most of all you make my days happy. No matter how hard some days are, I know your learning, your learning about life and things around you and it can be frustrating, but that little smile you give me, that little smirk when you wanna play? Those? Those makes my days go by faster, and although sometimes I want to freeze time so badly so I can bottle you in this stage forever, I know you must grow, you must keep learning, and you must keep trusting more on your Creator, the way I trust in him to help me guide you in life.
I love you little bunny boy.

ps. sorry I've been MIA, just moved, no internet * currently "borrowing" a random signal* once life gets a little more settled I will be back to regular programming :)

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