Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My growing boy.

This stage that Andrew is in is so fun. 
Of course there are those days that he is extra whinny or needy, but I take it cause one day he won't need me and I will miss his dependence on me.
He is almost 15 months.
Holy cow 15 months.
But he is always blabbing away and has such BIG intonations to his gibberish, like he has something to say and you better listen.
He is always dancing to his new favorite show " yo gabba gabba" yes I caved in and you know what as much as it annoys me they send a good message once he starts understanding more. For right now the music and characters he loves them, just like others love mickey mouse or barney he loves his gabba gabba, also did I mention they are coming to chicago LIVE... yes LIVE... and my mom wants to take us ... what have I done.
He is so fast and always always trying to run.
He is so adorable and loving, he JUST started cuddling with me, even if it is for 1 min I take that minute and milk it until he wiggles away.
He is just a little boy now. 
Not a baby but a little boy growing and learning.
My dad has been taking him outside everyday and he will just play in the dirt and bring my dad back rocks, I just feel like I'm seeing the miracle of life develop in front of my eyes and I feel so lucky.
I spent 2 hours during a nap time looking at pictures of him.
I know this sounds SO ridiciolous since he is only 15 months but so much changes in those months.
I remember reading updates on children who were 15 months and that just seemed SOO far away.
Yet here I am being all nostalgic already.
For the meantime I am going to enjoy my little rascal and love on him as much as I can.
Even if I have to steal about 10384 kisses a day :)

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  1. I am loving this age! I miss my sweet baby, but they are just so funny now!