Friday, August 5, 2011

Random thoughts on toys.

Yesterday my sister and I were walking down target and I decided to stop by the barbie section.
I was CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYY over barbies. I think I had at least 30 and all I wanted to do until the age of 13 was play with barbies.
Which leaves me to another thought of how innocent I was at the age of 13 compared to some girls nowadays.
I digress.
So I was so happy to see that MOST of the barbies are now geared towards some sort of career or activity. Needless to say I suddenly felt like playing with barbies again, is that weird? oh well it was my feelings at that moment.
Then my uterus started crying out to have a girl so I can buy her barbies and play with her.
Okay I'm done.

So the first toy I saw was this "Monster High" toys. Kinda like barbies but they are weird "people" that are all stiched up and dead i think? I don't know... all I know is that I do not want my children playing with toys like these

seriously creeptastic. It said something like " I'm all stitched up"..

then this other creepy thing..

lets not forget I HATEEEEEEEEEE anything scary. anything. dolls especially.

Then I walked down the rest of the aisle to get off my mind the horror of toys I just saw.
And I saw these cool barbie sets of toys

Needless to say I wanted to be 10 again.

Have a good weekend friends!

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