Monday, August 8, 2011

Thoughts On Moving

Ever since I was 15 I feel like I've been living out of a suitcase at some point or another.
I went to boarding school for the last 2 years of highschool, and thats when my "out of a suite case life began".
Then I went to college for 4 years and that involved lots of yearly packing and repacking.. ect...
Then I got married and we moved to one state for a job.
Then the hubs got into a masters program and we moved again.
Chicago-Tennessee-Florida- Chicago-Michigan.
At some point I just got used to it.
But now we are on our way to Michigan where I finished my undergrad and now my hubs is starting his masters.
This is the longest place we will be at. 3 years.
I am not 100% happy about it, our apartment is tad smaller then our old one.
The positive thing about this move is that I will be 109 miles away from home.
So that's how I feel.
Just blah right now.
Someone tell me to be positive.

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  1. Be positive! :) It will all workout, and it will all be worth it. *hugs*