Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer days

I'm still here with my parents, and although I am enjoying my time here with them I am more than ready to be reunited with my husband.
His last day is friday, then he drives straight to michigan and he starts his part time job in the dormitory of the university he is getting his masters in. He goes to a retreat and probably won't be back till tuesday. I think that he'll come pick us up that weekend, maybe. We don't know because my sisters 15th birthday party * a huge deal in the hispanic community* is the following weekend and whats the point of coming just to go back?
But today is one of those days that I truly miss my husband. A lot. We were long distance for 2 years but this single parenting thing is hitting me hard.
Yes I have my sister here and my mom sometimes when she doesn't work, but I feel like its not THEIR job to watch my son so I can have 1 hour out of the day to myself. But with my husband its his son so I dont feel bad at all.

Meanwhile I have been eating so badly here at my parents, its not good. not good at all. I'm just going to leave it at that.

I need curtains and new wall decals stat.

Did I mention I need my home life as in my husband the baby and I ?

Have a good tuesday... or is it Wednesday ..

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