Sunday, November 13, 2011

The small stuff

We have this kind of open field out in our back yard, we do share it with 6 other apartment but none of them have kids so I'll take andrew out to run around. He loves going outside, a lot, and I wish i could take him out more, im so scared of the crazy weather coming up, and the cabin fever, and oy. But today was such a nice breezy day, more like extremely windy but it was warm, warm enough for us to go out.
Andrew is so cute.
I can't handle his new things, his expressions, the way he plays, loves to climb on us. Looks at me and starts babbling and smiling like he is trying to tell me a secret and laughs. I want him to be this way forever.

Why does time fly so fast, why do i feel like i can't remember his newborn days, does God do this intentionally so we can reproduce and not remember the very sleepless nights? But I am so enjoying my son right now, I want to give him my all, even if toodlerhood is hard and andrew has his moments throughout the day, I love every moment with him.

And I am obsessed with animal hats. I don't have a girl so i can't deck my son out with tights and stuff, so i go for all animal things.
My son has been a puppy and now my mom bought him this adorable bear hat, I'm thinking the next one is this moose from target... i love it.. my husband on the other hand thinks its "over the top", but he is only going to let me dress him with what I want for so long right? so I will take all the opportunities for him to be my little puppy, bear, bunny... you get the point :)


  1. First of all, you're such an awesome mom, second I love those hats! I'm so with you. They're only going to let us get away with this stuff for so long. =)