Tuesday, November 15, 2011

18 months

Dear Andrew,'

Today you are  18 months.
A full grown toddler. Adorable and funny, silly but serious at times.
Your laugh fills my heart, and your smile literally melts any problem I have away.
Just to hold you everyday is enough for me.
You are a fun little man these days.
You love to run outside. You love LOVE to be chased around !
You aren't saying any specific words but you "talk" ALLL Day long
You make my heart happy.
You love yo gabba gabba and you like to dance (ha).
 You love to play on top of us and throw your self twirl and laugh.
You pretty much eat everything we eat, sometimes there are issues at eating times but for the most part you do pretty well :).
You love to sit and "read" and you continue to amaze me how long you can sit on the floor and pretend to do that.
You know how to "pray" mommy and daddy have taught you to hold your hands and bow your head, and you do that. We lower our voice when we pray and you do the same and whisper gibberish as we pray as well.
You are so funny little bunny.
You love animals and smile at them.
You love daddy and run to him when we go visit him at school.
You love me, your mom, and you grab my face and look at me, then hug me... I want to cry sometimes with the sweetness that is.
I just forget your growing, but your still small and a baby.
I need you to be loved and carried still! I'm going to soak up all the "baby" left in you.

So my sweet little babes, you continue to be the joy in my life. You are pure and innocent happy and you remind me of God's love everyday. That special gift God gave me. Through you I learn more and more about love and God's love for his children!

Te amo

your mommy :)

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