Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A message through a massage.

My husband has insurance through his current job/school .
And there is an amazing lady who give you 30 free massages through this particular insurance a year.
Yes i know i almost died when I heard i can get massages for free.
Thats when i met her. A sweet older lady. Andrew came to drop me off with the baby and she thought Andrew(my son) was so cute. He of course smiled and laughed with her.
She was sweet. Told me to press this button when i was ready and she'd come in.
She then asked if she may pray with me before our massage, i said "of course"!
Odd for most massage therapist, but for the area we live in its not unusual to find christian professionals, she also knew my husband was in the seminary.
She then prayed , and said something that no one has ever prayed for us as parents, that " mommy and daddy love each other and he sees our love". I almost couldn't talk. I don't know what it was about the sentence, or was it in her voice, but she kept talking about it, saying " isn't that your biggest desire, that you can provide a happy family for your child", and i said " yes, yes it is".
*ps. my back was horrible she said i need massage thearpy like WHOA, well she didn't say "whoa" but  I am cause my back was/is really bad.

I've gone to 5 sessions and she is so sweet, constantly prays for me and my family and during one conversation she told me to enjoy  my son as much as I can, and then she told me she had lost her 2 sons both in car accidents 7 years apart. My heart broke, but she had a calm way of talking about it, just her desire to see her sons in heaven one day.

She always has something amazing to say after every massage, I swear I look forward to her massage cause its a 2 for 1 deal my daily dose of prayer and a massage.

Needless to say i hugged my baby as soon as I got home, and realized through the rough times the cranky pants moments, he shows me love, that love that God can only give.
I am not perfect yet my son loves me no matter what.

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