Monday, May 16, 2011

The Birthday.

Today was my little boys birthday, he is officially one
 This weekend we went to Miami to celebrate his brithday, it kinda felt like a "destination" type birthday, but not really since its only 4 hours from us and my husband has lots of family and friends there.
It just seemed that way because traveling with a 1 year old is kinda crazy.
Anyways, packing our car with 10384 birthday supplies and leaving friday morning, only to arrive and run back out to buy the food for the weekend, we were tired.
Luckily we were staying at some church familys house that basically considers my hubs their own son, we stayed in a wonderful house with a VERY comfy guest room.

So sunday came, and the forescast did call for rain all weekend, but there was nor rain friday or saturday, and then i got scared.
I KNEW it would rain sunday for his birthday.
And it did.
It rained, hard.
And poured.
And i think i cried a little bit.
But i had to pull it together because people were coming
Let me remind you it was suppose to be a "pool party" and the food was all mostly grilling.
We still grilled some veggie burgers and hot dogs in the rain.
And it didn't really get any better from 11-2pm.
I got over it and tried to make the best of it.
Overall We all had a great time! Everyone really enjoyed everything and even called me "crafty" BAHAHA yeah right. I did some small things handmade but nothing to be called "crafty"
Regardless I was happy people saw the love and effort i put into this party.
I know he won't remember a thing, but I wanted it to be so special for him.
He will have those special pictures and he will know that he was loved!
So here are a few pictures of the day.
It was owl themed.


  1. I can't believe he's one!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you so enjoyed his party. It comes and goes so fast doesn't it?!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to him!!!!

  2. I'm sorry it was such a rainy day, but it doesn't look like he minded a bit! I love the cake and the decorations look wonderful. You did an amazing job!!! A super Happy Birthday to your little one year old! WOW! =)

  3. awww sorry about the rain! but it looks like you still managed to have a good time. way to go mama!

  4. What a great setting for a pool party!--I can see now why you were so disappointed.

    The owl theme is precious. Happy birthday to your little boy.