Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer days to be...

I'm linking up this evening with Erica about 10 things i wanna do this summer
This is kinda weird for me since for me its basically been summer 12 months in a row living in orlando, give or take 1 month of "cold" weather.
Regardless I will be spending half of my summer home.

1. Spend the reminder of my time in orlando enjoying this city and the weather it brings, as much as I complain how hot it is, living here this past year has been good for us the constant sunshine has made things much better :)

2. Get my son to the beach! you would think living here we would go often, but alas we haven't

3. Enjoy a good day at the beach for my hubs and I 2nd anniversary! Its gone by so fast!

4. Get to chicago and let my mom love on her grandson as much as she wants

5. spend summer nights with my sister talking and doing our nails and watching " pretty little liars"

6. Taking the little one on a mini "vacay" with my parents as we usually go to some indoor water park/hotel.

7. Make my husbands fathers day very special since last year it wasn't as special as he would have liked it.

8. Move to Michigan and Pray that God sends us a perfect place that we can settle for the next 3 years.

9.enjoying days at the park

10. Spending the day downtown chicago with my son showing him where mommy is from and where he was born :0)

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I can't believe you haven't been to the beach....get there and think of those of us who can't go:) Hope you have a wonderful time in Chicago too!