Sunday, May 22, 2011

sunday ramblings

We went to take pictures at Picture People today.
they sucked.
Well I know a lot of you love them, but as usual we had some sort of problem
Our photographer was crappy.
Seriously I am the last person who will complain to someone who does their job, but I was so close to saying " umm are you going to do something"
He didn't even say put your child here, i basically directed the whole session I HAD TO ASK HIM where the props were, and then I had to tell him the baby had enough. All he said was " Hey buddy smile"
Really? to a 1 year old active boy.
Yeah that didn't work
Out of the whole 20 shots we got , we got 1 good shot kinda ( not really but i needed to walk out with a picture).
Then when we got home we realized it was a shot he took after the baby stopped crying.
Then we waited 2 hours to get our images.
the highlight of today was going to mellow mushroom eating my favorite pizza and cherry coke. :)
Anyways, Im not trying to take any more photo shoots with him till he's 2, oh and maybe christmas photos, thats about it!
Wish i had a photography friend that would take pictures for us near by... sigh...
have a good sunday night friends!


  1. Sorry you had a rough time. We kind of dealt with that when we went to get some quick one year shots taken. Maybe when you get them they'll be better than you think?! Fingers crossed...

    That picture of you two is a fabulous one :)

  2. Oh that must have been frustrating. Love the pic you have posted. You can be mama photographer :)