Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too Tired Thursday

Lots of mommas are going through something or another with sleep or naps.
In our case its the naps.
We were doing well on schedule and he would sleep anywhere from 10:30-12 or 11-1 although
it might not seem like a lot of hours to other moms, for this family thats good sleep.
So recently he will be dead tired at 10 and ill put him down only to be back up at 1030.
UMMMM... that is not working for us.
I know he's teething, and his 4th tooth is coming in his right incisor.
Its funny that he doesn't have his front teeth but has his 2 incisors.
my little vampire.
Anyways sleep is never easy, but its important I think to instill some good sleeping habits.
Lord knows I never had them, thus my mom had to sleep with me until i fell asleep till i was 11 years old.
Yes the shame. I know.
I don't want that for him.
Sure I don't mind once in a while him jumping into bed with us, but constantly coming to bed like i did with my parents? NO.WAY.
I can see how my mom and grandma treat babies now,and I can see why we all have some sort of sleeping issue.
My gosh one peep the baby did and they were up and hushing and rocking the babe back to sleep.
I wasn't too against it the first months, but once he hit 6 months... well... i wrote a whole post on that.
Regardless, I hope he figures his sleep out and that we are there to help him through it.
Oh look he is now officially awake. ...

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  1. Iris is not a stellar napper. Maybe two, 30-40 minutes naps a day. Tops. We thought maybe she'd outgrown the two nap-thing and tried for one mega nap and it didn't work, so we went back to two shorties.

    I talked to our ped about it and she wasn't so concerned as Iris rocks steady for 12-14 hours at night and gets enough then to compensate for the lack of daytime sleep. Good nights are the only way I'm willing to overlook the nap monkey business. : )

    Hang in there, woman.