Thursday, September 22, 2011

My growing boy.

Last night I read a horrible story about a 4 month old that feel out of a grocery cart when the bag boy was pushing it over a speed bump and the baby didn't make it.

I felt like I was going to cry. I then remember how I had lost it that day earlier with andrew.
He is in such a fun stage but it also brings its own challenges.
He is completely attached to me, I think thats the main problem with me staying at home with him all the time.
He sees me all the time and I can't move without him being on me.
Then my mom said to me when she was here last weekend, " you will wish he was on you in a few years"
And then it hit me.
All these things keep hitting me like a bucket of cold water.
I need to stop and just try to imagine growing up and learning new things.
Its frustrating.
But he is so cute and he is learning so much.
We have been lucky to go to a moms group at my church on tuesdays and he is having a good time meeting new kids, although he has been pushed down and he has that " what did I do, why did you push me" face, its good for him... now the sickie kids thats a different thing...
I know its probably good for him to build immunity, but in this situation I am the sickie one. I have such a horrible immune system that its ridiculous.
Andrew still isn't saying "words" but he is so expressive and I can see it just about to spill out.
Like his language is bubbling... its boiling... and the blabbering and sounds are crazy, but he can't spill a word out.
I can't blame him. The 2 constant languages this child is hearing, heck it can confuse anyone.
Then I need to always stop comparing him to other kids his age, where parents have a list of 20 words, and mine has 1.
Oh parenting its such a daunting task sometimes.
I am in charge of him, how he behaves. how he is on a regular basis... ahh..
the joys.

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  1. Oh wow what a sad story about the 4 month old :(
    I don't have my little one yet but I am sure that it is soo challenging sometimes and we are human so getting overwhelmed is normal. I think you are being hard on yourself. Stopping and taking it all in as you are doing is a good thing. :) Take it day by day :)