Monday, September 12, 2011

Time has come

And that time is football time.
Let me explain somethings to you guys... I grew up in a Hispanic house that had no idea what Football was but Futbol.. get it..
So of course I marry a football fanatic who does TWO fantasy football teams a year.

ANDDD all that plays in my house on sunday is football, and since we have only one tv, well I have gotten used to the fact that this is what is my life for the next 100 years i want to be with my husband :)

Also i love that both my boys watch football together and andrew was actually into it, which mad daddy really happy clearly!
So happy footballing to all the football fans out there, hopefully one day I can get into it more


  1. At my in-laws house it's all sports all the time so I'm learning a lot of new things too lol. Those pictures with Andrew and daddy in their dolphins t-shirts is ADORABLE! =)

  2. LOL oh wabster! Aaron watched the Bears game last sunday... and yes our house only plays football on sundays, and we also only have 1 tv! lol AND he's in two fantasy football teams this year! I will have to take a picture of him and Jae watching the game in the jerseys last week lol she tried him and wanted attention though! loved it!