Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Horrible at this.

I'm a really bad blogger.
I'm going to try to be more intentional about this just more so to document Andrews life.
I don't want to forget the small things, which are so easily forgotten along the way.
Andrew is 2. He is a joy and challenging at times. But the challenges can be easily forgotten when he grabs my face and gives me a big kiss. Man i love this small child. I love everything about how he is. I feel like he is just like me as a child, at least thats what my mom says, in which i say sorry mom. I know his heart is so big, he plays well with other children, he loves to "hug" and sometimes i can be a little to rough. I enjoy our time together, the moments that he knows I am his mom and he has all my attention.
Time is going by so quickly, which means many of my friends are thinking of another child and well... I am just not ready. It scares me to think of having two. But i don't want such a hug age gap between children. I see him alone and i feel sad i want him to have a sibling to know what it feels like to have a brother or sister.
But we will see. Day by day, which is one of my favorite hymns.
Sometimes its hard to remember to live day by day, I want to think of the future, i want to own a house, but all this sacrifice is for a reason.

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