Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its been awhile

I am a horrible blogger.
I am.
Sometimes i can blog twice a week, then other I don't blog for months. Such as now.
Andrew is growing. becoming a toddler at 100x speed.
He is throwing tantrums, and sweet goodness its driving my husband and I crazy, you know the ones
where he throws himself on the floor and starts screaming because he had enough gold fish and needs to eat some sort of real food, yeah that.
Mom of the year i tell ya.
So as my husband and I pray for some more wisdom and understanding, we are trying our best.
The more I see it the more i understand the mistakes that are made by first time parents.

The other day at breakfest as we prayed andrew said " Jesus"
it was precious and i melted
Anytime i say say "Jesus" he fold his hands and says it.
I love it.

He is not speaking much, still not worried he's trying to figure out double languages. and i know its hard. But its kind of getting frustrating for the both of us. He wants to tell me something but can't and his few signs he can't express what he wants. I CAN"T WAIT till his language explodes it will be a relief for both him and I.

 This winter has been amazing to my husband a florida man who was freaking out about a winter here in the midwest. I dont think we will be as lucky next year.

HOW is it march already, I am not complaining.
With that note my son will be 2 in about 2 months HOW. HOW HOW did that happen i have no idea.
I should probably get to planning.

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  1. I totally hear you on the posting. That's why I'm a 'cluster poster'. There's no regularity from me lol.

    Just my opinion, but I wouldn't worry about the talking yet. He's a smarty and probably just busy learning other things right now. Izzy didn't really get into talking until a little after she turned two and now she talks like she's 30. Complete with the "seriously, Mommy" haha.

    You guys are such awesome parents. It's plain to see how happy Andrew is all the time. Hopefully his tantrum phase won't last too long as he tests the waters.