Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've been lucky so far.

I have been lucky so far that Andrew hasn't been "hurt" badly.
Of course he has fallen, hurt his head, cried, all the "normal" stuff, but nothing serious... until new years eve.
It was a new years eve/parents 25th anniversary party.
My parents had gotten a hotel room for the night and they had rented a banquet room in the actual hotel.
All of us were busy in the room getting ready, andrew of course was running around just being himself.
Then my dad took out the iron to iron his clothes and he left it on on the side tables of the hotel room.
Then we all screamed with we saw andrew go touch the hot iron.
I freaked out.
I started crying and hugging him, I am horrible at dealing with situations like this.
Finally i grabbed him and put his hands under cold water, then some ice.
I didn't want to even see his hands. I couldn't.
Meanwhile we were all freaking out, everyone was waiting for my parents cause they were renewing their vows, my husband was their minister... anyways it was crazy.
I felt the pain.
Those tears that I know I will shed more of as my child grows.
It made me value even MORE my mom and dad.
I feel like I haven't caused them many tears, but the ones I have I understand them 100% now.
But my boy, he was strong
We wrapped his hands up with some ointment and bandage and a sock so he wouldn't be sucking on his finger *he's teething*.
The next morning he woke up like nothing had happened. It was sensitive but he wasn't whinny or crying.
I burned my 3 fingers once in college on my flat iron and i was a BIG BABY for like 2 weeks.
Meanwhile it blistered and now its all better.
So i'll be way more vigilant  and watching over him more! obviously not letting anything hot that attracts his curiosity

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