Friday, July 8, 2011

The road trip from know

Most parents know traveling with a child over 6 months for a long distance of time is probably hellish.
Well it was for us at least!
Last summer around this time we traveled with a 2 1/2 month old from Chicago to Tennessee then to Tennessee to get to our final destination- Orlando.
I thought it was going to be HORRIBLE. He was a very alert baby who did not sleep during the day like most do.
But luckily it wasn't too bad. Obviously the trip was longer due to many nursing sessions, but not bad.
Fast forward 10 months and we are doing the same trip only backwards.
It was hell.
I wanted to travel at night because I know that he would at least sleep most hours, but the hubs, the one driving, hates night driving, and...well... i rather endure the crying then have my husband crash.
We left at 10 right at his nap time.
30 min on the road the crying began.
1 hour... 2. hours... you get it
We somehow were able to ignore it. I sat in the back of course trying to do EVERYTHING possible to soothe him.
A nurse friend told me maybe he has motion sickness, which I do, so i bought those " sea bands" they are like pressure bands with small little balls that apply to a pressure point on his wrist.
it didn't work, and I didn't feel like medicating my child.
needless to say it was hell.
Sometimes music worked or snacks, but for the most part it was crazy.
We did travel late on the way from TN to Chicago and that was the best stretch cause he slept from 8 till 12 when we got into Chicago.
I was never more happy to see my city and the skyway toll booth.
Luckily our finally moving location is only 100 miles away in Michigan so it will not be bad compared to our 1000++ miles trip!


  1. Ugghh Sorry that was so rough. We make a two hour each way trip with Izzy a lot to her grandparents house and that gets bad enough most of the time. I can't imagine how tough your drive was. Luckily you're almost home. =)

  2. I am so sorry it was so rough and I hope the next two weeks go by fast!!