Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Costco Loves Vegetarians clearly

They just build a new costco about 1 minute from my parents house * im here for 4 more weeks with them* and pretty much its amazing.
My husband and I are pretty faithful Sam Club members and we didn't really think of costco cause there was not one near us. Being Vegetarian we often want to buy bulk of veggie meats, or patties, instead of buying 4 patties for like 4 bucks. Sadly sams only has boca burgers which I HATE. I am so open to all different brands and flavors of veggie meats, but boca, barf.
Anyways, when i went to costco and saw the HUGE selection of veggie meats, mostly morning star, i almost fainted.
A HUGE PACK of my favorite breakfast "sausage" patties was there and I literally was giddy with excitement.
Along with many meatless other options, my husband and I will have to look into a costco membership.  

Sounds so silly to be excited about those things but when you're constantly trying to find yummy meat alternatives when you find them in bulk? Its like Christmas in july.
Happy Wednesday friends!

ps. pray for my parents yorkie he is NOT doing well. 

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  1. The Morningstar corn dogs are THE BEST.