Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life so far..

Being home in chicago has been good so far.
At first my family seemed to be weary of me letting my son CIO before nap time. Its their custom to run to the child beckon and call, well i refuse to do that or else I would not be able to do anything.
But they are good at letting me make my OWN decisions on how to raise my child, and they are pretty impressed that the baby sleeps from 7-7.
My mom has some how taken charge of getting him in the morning, changing his diaper then bringing him down for me before she goes to work, which at first I was upset cause she would run to pick him up as soon as he woke up , but now? heck thats one less diaper I have to change.
Plus I know she wants some alone time with the baby since she feels like she missed out the first 1 year of his life.
Rocky loves it here, my dad loves him and he loves to be around him. He probably never wants to leave.
My mom,sister, and I go out everyday, if it is just to go to target or walk around. This is huge considering I don't drive and had to always wait for the hubs to come home.
* yes I do  not drive shocking I know*
My sister and I stay up way to late but the difference is she gets to wake up at 11 while i have to be up at 7,
I never learn.

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