Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love story part 2

After we had each others number we began to talk and hang out more.
I would text him and say hi, and we would see each other on campus and begin to talk more.
We went to a bible study meeting and more and more we got to know each other.
We spent multiple times hanging out underneath trees and just talking about life. I was slowly falling for him but I was scared.
I had never had a boyfriend before, and my parents had never allowed it while in highschool. I knew I was in college but the thought of telling my parents I had a boyfriend scared me beyond compare.
I didn't know what to do I wanted to be with him but I was also hurt by another person.
We were hanging out pretty frequently always with friends never alone, which was good for me but clearly andrew wanted at least a few dates alone.
That day we were talking on messenger and he said he wanted to talk to me about something.
I freaked out, i knew he was going to tell me he liked me and i didn't want to do it in person.
I wasn't sure what to say, because yes i liked him but I did not want to start dating.
So I forced him to tell me through messenger, he was not happy he wanted to talk in person, but eventually he  told me and I said I dont know how i feel blah blah, I just made him promise me that this would not make our friendship weird or anything like that.
We hung out and everything was normal.
The school year was coming to an end and we said our goodbyes.....

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  1. Ahh messenger, I remember those days. Just reading this already has that little young love smile on my face lol. Waiting for part 3... =)