Friday, June 24, 2011

Im backk!

Alas I am back!
Its been a crazy month of  lot of moving and changes!
officially in chicago here with my family. Its nice
The road trip up from orlando to chicago-hell
The baby cried about 80% of the time and it was bad. nothing nothing would soothe him.
now Im here along with my baby.
We are really enjoying our time with mami ma and papico and my sister!
We were able to find an apartment in our new place of residence-michigan.
You guys I don't know how to feel about it. I love the north cause its were my family is at.
But? this last year in florida and about 3 years in TN, I have been spoiled with mild to wonderful weather.
So this year when it starts snowing and blizzards, and lake effect snow? in november? I might die.
It was a LITTLE cold last night and I could not breathe and needed my inhaler after 6 months of not using it.
It really frustrates me when i have to go back to using my inhaler . My body hatesss any kinda weather change.Since i've been living in over 80 degrees since March, my body couldn't handle the 58 degrees of last night. I don't even want to imagine the the 30's,20's, and 10's.
Anyway, the baby is so big and growing. He walks around everywhere, thats is just how he moves around now, and at first it was strange, but now? its just how he is... a little person walking.
I will post a whole post on my weaning experience.
Hopefully I can get back to a regular posting schedule1

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  1. Hey there! Missed you, glad you're back. =) I can't believe he's a little walking machine now. When they really start they just totally go for it don't they? lol