Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday Number 2

Ever since the baby was born my moms biggest desire was for her to throw him his 1st birthday.
BUT since i was living in orlando, and I ALSO wanted to throw him his birthday we decided it would be okay to throw him 2.
I know this sounds frivolous but how can I possibly take my moms dream of throwing him a party away?
and? since we were like 1200 miles away we couldn't collaborate to make one bigger party.
But you guys my mom is crazy.She loves to get the party going. seriously
She rented a bounce house and a snow cone maker.
Yeah shes like that.
And i really can't tell her no cause i will hurt her feelings so bad.
I did have to convince her that we DO NOT NEED A RIDING BULL MACHINE>
so tomorrow is the big day again, and yet here I am making and chopping veggies because we are making chipotle style bowls with tortillas.
So i just chopped about 50 tomatoes and my grandma made like a huge bowl of black beans... you get the point. my dad will be grilling chicken on the spot... and so on...
wish me luck tomorrow dealing with the parents

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  1. Your mom sounds like my mother-in-law. So sweet, but such crazy overload lol. I know what you mean though, it's so hard to say no when you see how excited they get (but sometimes like the bull riding machine (I totally laughed out loud) we have to draw some lines). Good luck tomorrow. =)