Monday, June 27, 2011

#2 birthday post!

Yesterday was crazyyy we had at least 40 people here.
It was suppose to rain all day yesterday but God was so good to us and kept the rain away and it was PERFECT weather, not 1 cloud in the sky, high of 75. I mean how good is God to my family?
The night before was prep night, meaning my mom said she was going to "help" me cook, I knew she wasn't, she is not gifted in that department so since she has been the crazy one running around ordering, decorating, ect... I just chopped everything.
We decided to do chipotle style bowls so that means LOTS of veggies. I chopped like 30 onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, you can imagine how my hands were cramping. But everything went well, people thought we catered from chipotle, so im assuming no left overs at all is a good sign that everyone enjoyed their meal :).
It feels like seasme street threw up in my house, mostly elmo, but man I really don't wanna hear his little voice for awhile.
Andrew had an awesome time, jumping in his bouncy house and just overall being the sweet little boy he is.
I also love my parents.
Seriously, they are so good to my family. My mom might be over the top a bit, but she does it with so much love, and she wants him to look back at video and pictures and remember that he has a family that loves him so much so no random girl can just come take my son away hahaha * im being a bit psychotic already *
*ahem* I swear I won't be a crazy MIL promise.
so here are some pics from my aunts camera that I stole on fb cause I am on a very old computer !