Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday night randoms

it was such a nice day today, and by nice i mean 60 degrees.
I am trying to absorb all that i can of "nice" weather before the great winter strikes.

Andrew is so funny these days, he is starting to "sing" along with us when we sing at church and when i sing at home.
He loves Adele, i mean LOVES

Its been nice to find a group of married ladies around here. Some of them have kids others don't.
The ones that have kids i see at Mommy time at the church on tuesdays and the ones without kids we have girls nights either watching an episode of Pan Am and eating popcorn or having a nail/make up night.
I decided to do all the nail designs i know to show the girls if they wanted me to do something like that on them

Yeah i looked pretty crazy running around with all these different designs, but it was fun.
Oh and target received some Elf nail polishes and they are to die for.
I bought them and I am obsessed.
As you can tell nails, doing nails, nail polish is my little thing.

happy sunday chicas!


  1. Ahhh he is so adorable. I love it! Love the nails too! I wish you lived closer. I'm terrible at painting fingernails, but try anyways... sometimes to some pretty scary results. ;-)